OxygenOS 13 vs. ColorOS 13: Actually, the two versions are identical

OxygenOS 13 vs. ColorOS 13

Both OxygenOS 13 and ColorOS 13 are based on Android 13 and are made by separate companies. Actually, OnePlus and OxygenOS have evolved into a subsidiary of Oppo, which is often overlooked.

As a result, it is not unexpected that OnePlus currently solely produces devices as a rebrand of Oppo smartphones, with similar operating systems. Because OxygenOS 13 and ColorOS 13 are the same operating system, the answer is yes. They are, in fact, various “versions” of the same operating system.

Given that Pete Lau has stated that the unified platform of OxygenOS and ColorOS should be pulled back, this is all the more upsetting, especially because OxygenOS was formerly hailed as the “greatest Android experience.”

However, when comparing ColorOS 13 with OxygenOS 13, it is evident how similar the two versions are:

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