Tesla threatens to sue creator of child dummy test, autopilot becomes safety warning case

Tesla Child Safety

Tesla has issued warning letters threatening to sue Green Hills Software and Dawn Project CEO Dan O’Dowd for sponsoring and funding and Created a nationwide TV ad campaign showing a Tesla car hitting a child-sized mannequin on an enclosed test track, noting that the car is fully self-driving (FSD) enabled, aimed at Warns that the system is not secure enough.

Tesla said in a “cease and desist” warning letter that the provocative ad amounted to “misinformation directed at Tesla” and that the “alleged tests abused and misrepresented Tesla’s technology” competency”, O’Dowd’s “test is grossly deceptive and likely to be fraudulent”.

Tesla asked Project Dawn to remove the “test track” video, publicly release a retraction statement, disclose the project’s funding for testing and create commercials, and indicate whether any regulators backed the project’s testing methods or results.

The Dawn Project responded by saying its tests were “completely legal and not deceptive” and called Tesla’s warning letter a “marketing propaganda.” Tesla has yet to comment.

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