Google mistakenly teases Android 11 preview page

Android 11 preview page

The folks at Android Police spotted Android 11 preview page, Of course, since the company hasn’t made any official announcements on this issue yet, the change was almost certainly a mistake on someone’s part, and Google has now taken down the Android Developer Preview page in its entirety.

Currently none of the “Behavior changes” or “Privacy features” or “New features & APIs” links work. If that changes, we’ll certainly let you know.

The Android 11 Developer Preview page also states that it was updated today, February 13. This was a deliberate change.

As per the screenshot, Android 11 is shown to comes with privacy-focused features, API support for foldable smartphones, better sharing connectivity and a lot more. However, the mentioned features are also mentioned in the Android 10 listing on the website.



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