Google Chrome 80 will provide support for the SVG favicon icon

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The tiny icon that appears on the left side of the page title of the website, called favicon or website icon in the industry. Google Chrome will support favicon’s SVG image format from version 80. Firefox has been supporting it for 4 years.

Google’s addition of SVG support for favicon in Chrome is not easy, as Chromium employees say this is difficult to implement in a related bug report post because Chrome’s SVG code is highly integrated into the core rendering engine, so this requires adjustment of the entire renderer.

Microsoft ‘s Internet Explorer and Edge do not yet support SVG icons. Firefox is currently the only browser that supports this icon. Chrome’s follow-up means other Chromium-based browsers (such as Vivaldi, Opera, Brave and the new Microsoft). Edge) also supports SVG as a favicon.

Now you can use “prefers-color-scheme” to set the style of the SVG icon. In order to be consistent with the theme, Chrome will also display the icon as black when dark mode is enabled and the icon in light mode. It is yellow.

To test if the browser supports the SVG website icon, please visit the test site in the browser address bar . If you see a smiley face in the tab or at the location of the website icon, the browser supports this feature (if you see sadness) If you don’t have an icon, the browser does not support this feature.

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