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How to Add 90 Hz Refresh Rate Quick Toggle in OnePlus 7/7T Pro

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How to Add 90 Hz Refresh Rate Quick Toggle in OnePlus 7/7T Pro:

Adding the 90 Hz Toggle to Quick Settings Page:

1. First, we will install the app that we require to enable this quick toggle. So, click on the link to visit the GitHub page and download the app. If you are installing an outside APK for the first time on your phone, it might ask permission. Allow it to install the app on your phone.

2. Once you install the app, it will add the 90 Hz refresh rate toggle to your Quick Settings panel. To find it, drop down the Quick Settings panel and then tap on the edit button. Now, hold and drag the 90 Hz quick toggle to show it in your Quick Settings panel.

Enabling the 90 Hz Refresh Rate Quick Toggle Using ADB

1. First, we will have to enable “USB Debugging” on our OnePlus 7/7T Pro. To do that, launch Settings and then open “About Phone”. Here, tap on “Build Number” 6-7 times till you see a “Developer Options Enabled” message.

2. Now search for “USB Debugging” and tap on the first result. Enable it by turning on the toggle. If you can’t find it in search go to Settings -> System -> Developer options -> USB debugging and enable it.

3. Now, connect the OnePlus device to your laptop. Launch Windows CMD Prompt/macOS Terminal and run the following command. If you have installed ADB correctly it will show your device under the “List of device attached” section.

Once your device is listed, run the below command to grant the necessary permissions for the quick toggle to work.

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