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8 Best Realme 3 Pro Hidden Features, Tips, and Tricks

realme 3 pro

The Snapdragon 710 powered phone is the one true alternative to the Redmi Note 7 Pro. The new Realme phone runs Android Pie based latest Color OS software that offers numerous customization options. If you have already brought the new Realme 3 Pro, here are a few things you may try.

1. Turn on auto call recording

The dial screen on Realme 3 Pro has the option to record individual calls, but if you need to turn on call recording for all calls, for unknown numbers or for select contacts, you will find the option under dialer settings.

You can access these from Settings>> System apps>> Call or directly by taping the settings wheel in the “Phone” app (dialer).  Within the same menu, you will also find an option for “identification of unknown numbers” that serves as a Truecaller alternative.

2. Turn off the sidebar launcher

If you find the sidebar obtrusive and wish to remove it, go to Settings >> Convenience Aid >> Smart Sidebar.  From here you can choose to disable it or to only enable it in landscape mode.

3. Change Autofill service

To do so, go to Settings>> Aditional Settings>> Keyboard and Input method >> Autofill service.

4. Dedicated google assistant button

To configure the button, go to Settings>> Convenience Aid and turn on the option.

5. Customize navigation bar and navigation gestures

Based on whatever combination you are used to, you can decide the order of navigation buttons or replace them with gestures altogether.

The option to do so are listed under Settings >> Convenient Aid >> Navigation Keys.

6. WhatsApp Cleaner

If you feel the WhatsApp clutter is weighing down your free storage space, you can head to Settings>> Additional Settings>> Storage>> Clean Storage>> WhatsApp cleaner.

7. Manage search

To make the best use of universal search, you can decide what all you wish to see in search results. To manage search, go to Settings>>Additional Settings>> Search.

8. Combine Wi-Fi and Data Speeds

For apps that support network acceleration, you can combine Wi-Fi and Data speeds for faster downloads and smoother experience.

Just head to Settings>> Dual channel network acceleration and turn it on.

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